Original post on August 21, 2022, posted here on February 12, 2023

In the moments of the most intense friction, tell yourself this is very painful and it will evoke an increase in dopamine release later. But you also have to tell yourself that in that moment you are doing it by choice and you’re doing it because you love it, you want it to feel better you want it to feel even pleasurable. – Loosely from the video.

The title of the video is click batey, but the video itself is great.

It is Andrew Huberman talking about how to use dopamine in a deliberate way.

So this is where I am going to “re-start” my efforts at improving my life.

I will focus on the effort of the improvement.

Part of that effort will be this journal of my journey, an effort to not only improve my life, but to show my experience along the way. This can be an anchor as well to come back to when I get distracted.