The idea came to me to actually work on my writing, my thinking, even my life.

The goal is really two fold:

So here is that journey…

Starting Again, or is it Picking up where I Stopped?

I am “restarting” with 2 posts I did back in September of 2022, not the 1st time I started a process like this, but I think a good place to review and launch my latest restart of the website, showing what I am doing, where I am improving, and where I have fallen short. This could get ugly, before it gets better. The thing is, it has been ugly for a long time now… I have just been trying to hide from it, as well as hide it from the rest of my little world. Well, I think I failed at that too!

February 12th, 2023

So here we go…

When ever you join me on the journey, I hope you gain something positive. The posts below are my latest posts.

  • Post 2, Writing

    From September 7, 2022, posted here on February 12, 2023 I am back for more, two posts (3 days spending some time writing) does not make a writer, but I can’t become a writer if I don’t start somewhere. I posted the first in this series as a link on the No Agenda Social Mastodon […]

  • Writing

    From September 5, 2022, posted here on February 12, 2023 So since High School, some 40+ years ago, I have thought about being a writer. Since then, the thought has come and gone, mostly gone. In High School, I wrote poems. My English teachers and of all people my coach (he was not an ordinary […]

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